Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flower Bouquet

For the last couple years, I have had the honor to help my niece shop for Mother’s Day gifts. It’s hard enough to find the perfect gift for my own mom but even more difficult when allowing an 8 year to pick out a gift for her mom. First it’s a diamond ring then it’s a shopping spree. Thanks to Pinterest we were finally able to agree on something. Flowers that never die. I knew it would be spot on for both my niece and sister. Here is the pin we found and used as a reference.
About a week before Mother’s Day my niece and I visited the local craft store to gather materials. She felt fully involved since I let her pick out the canvas size and different paint colors. The following items are what we used to complete the DIY project which cost no more than $15.
6 Different-Deco Art Americana 2 oz. Acrylic Paint Colors
11x14 Canvas
Round Foam Paint Brush (for bow, stem & writing)
As soon as we got home, she begged to get started. This is example of why this was a perfect DIY Mother's Day gift for both my sister and niece! Not only did she have a BLAST making this, I loved seeing her get in touch with her creative side.
First we started off centering the hand prints portion of the "flower bouquet" on the canvas. We let this dry overnight and picked up where we left off a few days later. The flower stems were the next part, which were pretty simple. The bow was added last to make it stand out from the other colors.
Since my spacing wasn't exactly accurate, the top looked a little empty to me. My niece used the round foam brush to write a special message for her mom.
Needless to say, it was the perfect present for any mother. Knowing my sister, I'm pretty sure she cried when she saw it. Now they both get the pleasure to see her beautiful artwork that is sure to brighten anyone's day!

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