Monday, December 17, 2012

Carnival Birthday Party

Forgive me that this is from July, but it turned out way too cute not to share. We celebrated my nieces 8th birthday at a condo on the beach so we were pretty limited on space in the room. Her mother and I knew everything need to be quick and easy to eat since the kids were running back and forth between the room and pools. I noticed a lot of Carnival Themed parties on Pinterest that seemed relatively easy to put together yet still very cute. Below are a few pinspirational posts that helped me put together this party.

If you know me, then you know I figured out every way possible to cut costs during the planning of this party. The most expensive items were the cake (which was only $30 thanks to Groupon) and the old fashioned Coke bottles.

I used pop corn tubs as goodie bags stuffed with rock candy, candy buttons, strips of button candy, silly straws, glow stick bracelets and mustache props for pictures. I was only able to find the strips of button candy and rock candy at Cracker Barrel which were a little pricey for me. I found the carnival style suckers at Big Lots for cheap (less than a buck a piece) and wrapped the stand they came with in red wrapping paper that doubles as a cake pop stand.

As far as the identifier stands, ice bin, drip trays and drink dispenser, I was able to borrow from the catering department from my work. I think the little details such as the food labels, ketchup and  mustard bottles, old fashioned coke bottles and popcorn containers are what made the carnival theme stand out. I designed a simple template in Photoshop for the identifiers and printed on blank business card sheets. Even though the party were all girls, they LOVED it and heard many of them raving that it was the best party they've ever been to. Needless to say my niece was the coolest chick in school for quite some time.  

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