Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Make Pinterest a Reality

If you're anything like the rest of America, you have probably spent hours on end dreaming that your Pinterest boards were an actual reality. Well...I'm here to show you that I made that dream come true for one of my very best friends' 25th birthday.

Just a little innocent stalking was all it took. Ok, don't act like you've never "social stalked." Basically, I kept up with her pins during the months leading up to her birthday and found resources where I could purchase pinned items or items very similar. In this case, you never have to worry if they actually like your gift or not, because they pinned it.

In order to personalize the gift and make the obvious correlation to Pinterest, I printed off small print screens of the actual pin and attached it to the gift with a string of hemp. It all came together rather niceley. The birthday girl was stunned when she reazlied these were actually gifts that she had pinned.

I apologize for the not so great photo quality, but it was the only one I took. When planning, I went ahead and printed off extra pinned items just in case I wasn't able to find the product. For instance, I printed off a couple different Essie nail colors that she had pinned. Good thing I did, because Ulta only had one of the colors. I would have to say this gift idea was a success because it was personalized, wasn't too time consuming, plus you determine the budget.
Essie Nail Polish--Highlighter Clutch(her original pin cost $126 so I settled for a "knock-off")-- Big Bow Earwarmer
I also purchased 4 pumpkin spiced cupcakes from a local bakery and paired them with the pin below. We were all so excited and in the moment I completely forgot to take a photo of the actual cupcakes.

Next time you're struggling to find the perfect gift, let this Pinspire you. If you try this gifting method, please share your stories, as I would love to hear them!

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